Company was founded in 1993 as a private independent inspection office Inspect Co. to provide inspection on behalf of clients.

Vendor inspection  & Expediting

Our company provides a comprehensive Vendor Inspection, QA/QC and Expediting.


Vendor inspection ensures full compliance during the manufacture stage of all high value plant

and equipment including: pumps, pipes, vessels and valves. This ensures that each stage of the

client´s purchase order requirements are fully satisfied before the material or equipment leaves

the suppliers premises, therefore resulting in minimum potential for production outages and the

subsequent threat to safety, asset integrity and legislative compliance.


  • Review of material test reports
  • Witnessing mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests and hydrostatic and performance tests
  • Witnessing welder's performance qualifications
  • Witnessing NDE and performing visual examinations
  • Review of weld procedure specifications and procedure qualifications
  • Inspection of coatings
  • Verification of quantities shipped, including proper packing and identification marking


Expediting is required to ensure that the vendor delivers to the client on time and so that the client can be assured that the vendor conformed with all relevant standards and specifications set out in the scope of work.

  • Monitor an report conformance to relevant standards, codes, specifications and specific Supply Chain Management requirements
  • Identify / resolve bottlenecks at all levels
  • Verify and confirm all information relevant to the project
  • Evaluate progress to date and assist the vendor/sub-vendors to meet required delivery dates


Vendor Audits &  Assessment of Suppliers (PVIC)


The purpose of these audits (prior to Purchase Order award), is to verify that vendors and their

sub-vendors appear to be capable of fulfilling the requirements of the purchase order.

We offer survey manufacturing and quality capabilities to ensure that suppliers maintain the quality standards of you and your customers by verifying that equipment and materials conform to contractual specifications.


Monitoring and evaluation of NDT test


Our company has approval for evaluation according to standard EN 473 for methods:

- Magnetic Particle testing - Level II

- Penetrant testing - Level II

- Visual inspection - Level II











Quality Assurance / Quality Control

- Vendor inspection


- Expediting


- Vendor Audits


- Assessment of suppliers (PVIC)


- Monitoring and evaluation of  

  NDT tests  based on certification

  EN 473 (MT ll, VT ll, PT ll)


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