Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

Company was founded in 1993 as a private independent inspection office Inspect Co. to provide inspection on behalf of clients.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements


We provide ultrasonic measuring by ultrasonic devices.


Coating Thickness Measurement


Intended for measuring:


- all layers of steel (paint, plastic, chrome, copper, zinc, tin, cadmium, phosphate)

- for all the insulating layers (paints, plastics, primary surfaces), the non-ferrous metals (aluminum,     

  copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel)



Ultrasonic wall thickness gauge

measurements according to EN 14 127

The principle of ultrasonic methods can be used to measure material thickness, wall pipe, sheet metal, thickness of castings, forgings. Thickness measurement we provide be advanced portable ultrasonic thickness gauges.

The ultrasonic measuring device is equipped with measuring through paint.

Measuring range:







Quality Assurance / Quality Control

- Vendor inspection


- Expediting


- Vendor Audits


- Assessment of suppliers (PVIC)


- Monitoring and evaluation of  

  NDT tests  based on certification

  EN 473 (MT ll, VT ll, PT ll)


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